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Royal Mail is swamped by millions London and south east could be 'cut off' from the rest of the UK with travel banned after new 'highly Alexa, play The Queen's Christmas message: Amazon's voice-controlled assistant will broadcast the Royal's Half of Britons are planning a stay-at-home Christmas without friends or relatives outside their immediate Hello, my name is Susannah Sea sense, Barnier! Boris Johnson urges the EU to drop demands on fishing after the latest bid to break Chinese engineers are banned from working on Britain's next nuclear plant after the storm over Huawei Give her shelter!

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Russian hackers target Ministry of Defence, Home Office and police through attack on computer company Christmas online food delivery chaos as self-isolating shoppers are told orders won't arrive until AFTER It's beginning to look a lot like lockdown: Shops could be shut and commuters ordered to work from home Mass testing for the coronavirus is not an accurate way to screen the whole population, health minister Lord Austria will offer coronavirus tests to its entire population with those testing negative receiving 'more The graphs used to justify putting 38million people in Tier 3 for Christmas: Covid outbreak continues to Hospitals have record numbers of coronavirus patients as fears over NHS capacity saw Boris Johnson refuse to Hospitals' fears over rise in Covid patients: Some units are treating three times as many with the virus Ski holidays are off after the Swiss government banned UK tourists in the New Year due to 'high-risk' The cruellest separation of all: Families of disabled children were promised care home hugs but are Military veterans aged 95 and 73 no longer face spending Christmas Day alone after agreeing to form Covid Now parents, governors and retired teachers could be roped in to test pupils for Covid despite massive Anti-vaccine cranks target V-Day heroine Margaret: year-old is labelled an actress and a Mason by Camilla 'to make surprise video cameo during the Strictly Come Dancing final with the Duchess of Cornwall If there's any justice, it must be victory for Bill, the Old Bailey!

Comedian, 55, bids to become the oldest Horror at the hostel as police investigate dead woman found in a suitcase by a shocked decorator after Jamaican fisherman's son will become the first black leader of the Queen's elite Coldstream Guards 20 years It's Merry Floodmas! Communities could be cut off as four inches of rain is predicted and fears grow of How politics can slice half an hour off Christmas lunch as families row but meals last longer if they agree The most expensive streets in England and Wales revealed - including the London road where the average cost Nurse who faints when she feels pain is chosen to get Pfizer's vaccine live on air Goebbels called this raid "the greatest crisis of the war" in his diary a few days later.

En route, the bombers flew straight into a huge storm, and almost all crew members who participated in this raid reported the St. Elmo's fire phenomenon as their aircraft became electrified. Pilot J. Christie of a Lancaster bomber of the 35 Squadron noted his "spectacular experience" in his diary:. With additional anti-aircraft weapons brought into the city, the density of flak at and below 4, meters altitude were far greater than during previous raids; above that altitude, aside from the dangerous storm clouds, Wilde Sau fighters continued to sweep down from above on unsuspecting bombers.

They caused damage, but did not start another firestorm. Perhaps a personal correspondence from German Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel to his wife dated 3 Aug captured the fear instilled in the German people after the bombings on the city:. Most importantly, the submarine-building industry, which the Allies targeted, returned to near pre-bombing capacity within two months. They argued that carpet bombing of large cities in eastern Germany would allow Soviet troops to exploit the confusion that would ensue, hampering movement of German troops from west of the target cities.

On 27 Jan , Given the Allied Joint Intelligence Command's conclusion that the Germans could reinforce the Eastern Front with half a million men up to 42 divisions , Sir Archibald Sinclair of the RAF sent Churchill the recommendation of bombing Berlin, Dresden, Chemnitz, Leipzig, or other large cities with available resources, in order to hinder efficient enemy movement should such a reinforcement be ordered by Berlin. Interception of Enigma-coded messages confirmed that such movements were likely. Documents dated 4 Feb revealed that RAF bombing priority list were, in specific order:.

However, rumors of "off the record" discussions ran rampant. For example, British Air Commodore Grierson was accused in saying that the after the bombing of Dresden that the aim of Thunderclap was the bomb large population centers to disrupt the logistics of relief supplies. It was a cultural center, containing famous landmarks as the Frauenkirche, and was dubbed the Florence of the Elbe. Population of the city was largely anyone's guess as refugees flooded into the city shortly prior to the bombing as Soviet troops advanced to the city's east, however common estimates put the population at the time of bombings at greater than , During the night of Feb, British Lancaster and 9 Mosquito aircraft were displaced and dropped tons of high explosive and tons of incendiary bombs on the first bombing run and tons of bombs on the second run.

There were claims that due to the extreme temperatures inside buildings caused by the tremendous fires, air currents were formed where people fleeing would be sucked into the burning buildings. On the next day, American B bombers dropped tons of bombs while the escort Mustang fighters strafed traffic no distinction between military and civilian on the streets to cause further havoc. Some reports indicate that civilians fleeing the bombing were strafed by American fighter pilots, but these reports are largely without solid evidence.

Rewriting German History

Margaret Freyer, a Dresden resident, recalled:. After the massive bombings on Feb , American bombers once again bombed Dresden on 2 Mar The results were devastating. Estimate of deaths range from 25, to more than 60, the official German report stated 25, estimated with 21, registered burials. Roy Akehurst, a wireless operator in a RAF bomber crew, was struck by the destruction that he had help caused. First, the Nazi Propaganda Ministry would attempt to use this to stir public resentment against the Allied invaders. Then during the Cold War, Soviet propaganda would describe this bombing as western cruelty, alienating the East Germans with the British and Americans.

Churchill, too, started to feel guilty of the widespread destruction the western Allies had caused in Germany, even though he was an early proponent of bombing German cities. In a memorandum sent to Harris, Churchill noted that. The lack of anti-aircraft fire also contributed to the higher level of destruction, as Germany did not defend her with anti-aircraft guns as Dresden was far from Allied bomber bases, at least earlier in the war.

However, contrary to that statement, a study conducted by the United States Air Force indicated that Dresden was indeed defended by anti-aircraft guns, operated by the Combined Dresden and Berlin Luftwaffe Administration Commands.

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German sources often suggestion Dresden, even during war time, was nothing more than a cultural center. However, Allied reports indicated the presence of the Zeiss-Ikon optical factory and Siemans glass factory which produced gun sights , and other factories building radar, anti-aircraft shell fuses, gas masks, fighter engines, and various fighter parts. The proponents of the war crimes argument claimed that Dresden was bombed by Allied terror bombing strategy, meanwhile prominent military historians such as B. Liddell Hart compared the bombing to the methods of the 13th century Mongols.

For years to come, Air Marshal Arthur Harris had been again and again under challenge to justify the attacks. He held fast to the belief that although it was near the end of the war, the military needs at that time warranted the bombing of this communications hub.

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Bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, and Other Cities

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Second, it is to showcase Lava's technical capabilities. World War II Database. Bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, and Other Cities. Oliver says: 27 Feb AM The bombing of Dresden with its k refugees was cruel and unnecessary.

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It was nearly as bad as the deaths in som KZ as it wasnt directed at the military but as the civilians! Strangely enough though, that Bomber Harris wasnt tried for war crimes I am the author. Denis says: 26 Mar PM don't sow the wind! The war had to be won at any cost.

The hand-wringing politically-correct world we live in now would have been a walkover for Hitler. About this article I think it smacks of revisionism. Everyone is wise after the event, but can you imagine what the world would be like today if the likes of Harris had not had the guts to do what was needed?

Zieg Heil!

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Anonymous says: 20 Jul PM hey oliver they started it we finished it. Anonymous says: 17 Nov PM Anonymouse, i am not surprised you don't even have the guts to publish your nonsense under your real name. Is that British spirit, to praise your warcrimes and British atrocities?

You clearly told a lie - "they started it".

World War II Database

So what did they start? The war? That's news to me. Britain started two world wars with Germany - not the other way round, no matter how much you British people lie about it. Also it was Britain who started bombing German cities in - the Germans retaliated in If you dont want war, dont start bombing innocent women and children, you British people. It has been British tradition since the Middle Ages, to not tolerate successful Nations next to her and always to destroy the biggest power on the continent - regardless of who it is.

Britain wanted to rule the world all by herself. First it was the Spanish remember the "Armada"? That is why she made up the rumours of "Germans spearing children" since , or "Germans wanting to dominate the world". Look at the map, and you will see who actually ruthlessly tried to dominate the world. No matter how much you British people keep lying about your crimes and atrocities - it is a fact that "helping Poland" was a lie, and England's pretext to destroy her biggest competitor, who had surpassed her in manufacturing already during Queen Victoria's rule.

You British people waged war under a pack of lies, so if you wanted to "help Poland", why do you hide the fact in your schools, on your TV, in your newspapers, that Poland had occupied German territory? And not vice versa? If anyone needed "Help" it was the 2. The only reason why Britain waged this war, was to destroy the German people, to stop the Germans from peacefully trading, and to kill as many German women and children as possible.

All this British Hollywood-Propaganda "we saved the Jews", we brought democracy" etc ist just the same Angloamerican lies like in the Iraq war, in the Vietnam war and all other crimes commited by the "good" Allies.